Staying safe

on the internet
  1. Don’t Share Personal Information:
  2. Double-Check Links Before Clicking:
    • Be cautious when clicking links in emails or on social media. Mouse over a link to preview its full address. Verify that it matches the official company link before clicking. Avoid downloading anything suspicious1.
  3. Use Secure Public Wi-Fi:
  4. Always Use HTTPS:
  5. Be Cautious Who You Chat With:
  6. Turn Off Bluetooth When Not Needed:
  7. Install Antivirus Software:
  8. Create Strong Passwords:
  9. Backup Your Data:
  10. Educate Yourself:

Remember, staying safe online is about being vigilant and informed. By following these guidelines, you can navigate the digital world with confidence!

Staying safe
Valk Systems, Chris Valk April 5, 2024
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